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ECIA Posts Webinar Recording: ‘Workplaces that Work’

CBRE’s Brad Wilner and Manny Fitzgerald discuss insights from commercial real estate trends

Atlanta — ECIA’s GIPC hosted a webinar with guests Brad Wilner and Manny Fitzgerald from commercial real estate services firm CBRE on trends in workplace office space and how companies are adapting to post pandemic employee expectations. This fascinating discussion explored how managers can create workplaces that work for all employees.

“Right now, employees have the power but an increasing number of organizations we surveyed are urging employees to come back to the office,” explained Fitzgerald. “They are doing this because they want to encourage productivity, innovation, mentorship, and a positive work culture; however, very few are enforcing the mandates across the board. The hybrid model is here to stay for quite a while unless something changes dramatically.”

“Managers must communicate the ‘why’ of the back to the office mandate,” added Wilner. “You have to be clear on why you want people back to the office and work with people using a change management approach.”

The discussion covered the latest data from the firm’s commercial real estate consultancy including employee survey trends, space utilization rates now compared to pre-pandemic levels, hybrid workstyle sharing ratios, and how organizations are blending the physical and virtual worlds using technology.

“The webinar discussion aligns very well with what the GIPC Workplace Disruption group has been tracking in our industry regarding these issues,” commented ECIA Vice President of Industry Practices Don Elario. “The information is very helpful for managers trying to plan for the post-pandemic workforce.”

The webinar recording can be found at https://www.ecianow.org/webinars.

The latest document from the GIPC Workplace Disruption group is at Workplace Disruption the Impact on Corporate Culture.

Other documents on similar issues can be found at https://www.ecianow.org/issues-practices.


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