ECIA Joins NAM in Requesting California to Withdraw Proposed Amendments to Prop 65

Atlanta – The California Office of Health Hazard Assessment has proposed amendments to Proposition 65 regulations that would change labeling requirements for consumer products sold in the state. These changes threaten to disrupt manufacturing supply chains nationwide at a time when the distribution of goods and lifesaving supplies is more important than ever.

“ECIA is committed to a global standard for labeling hazardous materials that will protect the environment and human health and safety,” emphasized Vice President of Industry Practices Don Elario. “The proposed amendments to California’s Proposition 65 are not the right long-term approach.”

As stated in the letter sent to the California Office of Health Hazard Assessment that originated with NAM and signed by ECIA:

“Environmental laws and regulations should be designed with utmost care to ensure that they are effective and lift up communities. The proposed amendments would do the opposite, causing public confusion, harming innovation and competitiveness in a global market. At a time when the distribution of goods and lifesaving supplies is more important than ever before, we cannot afford to jeopardize interstate commerce, disrupt manufacturing and irrevocably impact the supply chain nationwide.

To avoid a state by state “patchwork” approach to labeling, we need a coordinated effort to establish consistent national standards that enhance protection of the public and the environment, promote investment and innovation, avoid duplication, public confusion and unnecessary negative economic impacts. Unfortunately, the proposal does the opposite.

When it comes to our workforce and the people we serve, no goal is more important than safety. We remain dedicated to protecting the people and the planet because communities thrive when they are connected to each other and can build a bright future together. To accomplish these goals and ensure that the supply chain is not disrupted at this critical time, the proposed rulemaking amending the short-form warning requirements under Proposition 65 should be withdrawn.”

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