ECIA Introduces


Atlanta – ECIA has rebranded its component search engine, which hosts inventory from over 4000 leading component manufacturers. The new website is Customers can search over 24 million part numbers, with real-time price and availability, while being confident that all the inventory is 100% from authorized sources.

“We’ve changed the name to reflect the primary value we bring to the marketplace: we only list genuine components from authorized sources,” explained Victor Meijers, ECIA Senior Vice President. “ communicates this key differentiator more clearly than the old brand which implied that inventory was restricted to ECIA member distributors. To create a better user experience and to support our manufacturer members, the ECIA Distributor Council decided that allowing non-members to display inventory for which they are authorized would increase participation thereby expanding the distributor network from which users can buy components.”

While the site will have a new name, a new logo, and a fresh new look, functionally it will be the same site that has been relied on by millions of users for the last 10 years. Users who have the site bookmarked will automatically be redirected to User accounts and all the other tools will continue to work seamlessly on the new site. So, no action is required by users because of this change. And while the rebranding itself will not change any functionality, ECIA plans to continually invest in new features and tools to enable users to locate the components they need more efficiently.

“Sourcing components through the authorized channel is the most effective safeguard against unknowingly introducing counterfeit products into your supply chain,” added David Loftus, ECIA CEO and President. “Using this search engine ensures that the products are fully warrantied by the manufacturer. is the only inventory aggregation site that only displays price and availability information from authorized sources.”

Use of, all the BOM management tools and stock and price alerts is always free. ECIA also offers access to its API to allow its system to be integrated into the customers’ own quote tool or ERP system to make the sourcing process more efficient.