ECIA Hosts Workplace Disruption Survey Results Webinar

Tuesday | October 19 | 11:00 AM Eastern | Register Today

ECIA Chief Analyst, Dale Ford, will present the results of a second industry survey “Workplace Disruption Due to COVID.” ECIA polled executives on how the industry is facing the post-pandemic return to work. This survey provides an update to the initial survey that was presented in early August. The results of this latest survey and comparison with the August survey will be presented in this webinar.

Topics covered:

  • Office return timeline expectations
  • Company policies and practices implemented to protect workforce
  • Air travel resumption expectations
  • Employee remote/hybrid work plans near-term and tong-term
  • Office visitor rules for corporate HQ and regional offices
  • IT requirements and practices implemented

The information presented in this webinar will allow companies to understand how the actions and practices in their companies compare with their peers. ECIA continues to engage in ongoing monitoring and analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the electronics component supply chain and its participant companies.

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