ECIA Hosts Supply Chain Risk Management Webinar October 22nd

Atlanta – ECIA will host an interactive presentation by Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights, on the topic of Supply Chain Risk Management, including key takeaways to make smarter and more targeted SCRM decisions, both reactive and proactive.“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many supply chain related resiliency issues, ranging from shortages in product availability to meeting surges in demand,” Sharpe remarked. “Because the supply chain issues are so visible and affecting so many companies adversely, shareholders and stakeholders will require companies and their supply chain executives to demonstrate an active, effective and ongoing Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) program. These stakeholders will want to know, “How have you added measurable resiliency to your supply chain operation?  Are you ready?”

“The industry has recently put much more focus on the need for more visibility into the component supply chain,” agreed Don Elario, ECIA VP of Industry Practices. “This webinar will include actionable steps to enable companies to get through the next disruptive event that impacts the global supply chain with less pain.”Attendees will be able to submit questions in advance and interact with the presenter during the webinar. Learn how effective SCRM analytics enables companies to add measurable resiliency to their operation while, at the same time, protecting profit and shareholder and stakeholder investments. Click here to register. Invite members of your team to join in!