ECIA Foundation Launches PACE Online Training

Program enables ECIA member companies to offer introductory courses explaining the industry

ATLANTA – The ECIA Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a unique training program for its members to use that explains key concepts and terminology to those who are new to the industry. Thanks to the 50 companies that generously donated to fund the development of the program, the benefit is free to members.

The courses reside on the ECIA website where activity and progress can be tracked and reported back to companies. ECIA member companies and their employees can now access these courses as a members-only benefit.

The course is named the Paul Andrews Continuous Education (PACE) training in honor of the founder of distributor TTI who passed away early in 2021.  ECIA Foundation President Jim Kaplan saw the funding of this training initiative as a way for the industry to recognize Mr. Andrews. “Paul was dedicated to this industry and its employees and I’m sure he would be very proud to have his name and legacy associated with this ECIA Foundation initiative,” explained Kaplan. “The overwhelming support from the over 50 companies that have joined as sponsors is a testament to how critical it is for us to educate the next generation about the electronic components supply chain.”

“This training program is meant to capture and underline the importance of the channel to the broader tech industry,” continued David Loftus, ECIA President. “The next generation of electronic component industry champions will learn about the hardware that is essential to the high tech magic they use every day, and that will help attract and retain the talent that is so essential to our member companies.”

The first courses cover a lot of ground:

  • An Introduction to the Electronics Industry: Manufacturers, Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives, and Distributors
  • The Supporting Industry Partners
  • Taking a Product to Market: How a Component Manufacturer Launches a New Product
  • An Introduction to Basic Electronic Components and PCBs
  • Electronics Industry Terms and Definitions

ECIA members with profiles on the ECIA website must log in to gain access to the courses. For others, create a profile on the ECIA website first, then access. For more information, please visit

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