ECIA Requests Federal Government to Include Industry as “Essential Business”

Atlanta – ECIA today asked the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), within the Department of Homeland Security, to include electronic component manufacturers and their authorized distributors as part of the country’s critical infrastructure and as essential businesses.  While it is ECIA’s interpretation that electronic component manufacturers and their supply chains are essential businesses and exempt for purposes of state/local shelter-in-place, stay-in-place and similar orders, the CISA guidance document does not specifically mention the industry. The request further stated that authorized electronic component distributors fulfill a vital role in the supply chain and should also be considered part of the critical infrastructure and designated as essential businesses.

Click here to read a complete copy of the CISA submission and ECIA General Counsel Robin Gray’s March 23 article outlining the Federal Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. ECIA has also posted a spreadsheet that notes each state’s actions with regard to COVID.

Refer to ECIA’s Coronavirus Resource page for a list of reputable sites and information.

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