DuPont Announces Capacity Expansion Plans for Kapton® Polyimide Film

WILMINGTON, Del. – DuPont Electronics & Imaging today announced plans to increase production capacity for DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film by up to 20 percent by the end of first quarter of 2019. In addition, DuPont will invest in research and development to bring on new Kapton® and DuPont™ Oasis® film offerings that can be used in mobile devices, hybrid/electric vehicles, telecommunications servers and more.

“Demand for the unique high-performance qualities of Kapton® polyimide film is at an all-time high right now,” said Avi Avula, global business director for Interconnect Solutions, DuPont Electronics & Imaging. “With our plans to increase capacity and provide new film technologies, we will be able to better serve our customers’ needs as they develop advanced devices and applications of the future.”

New Kapton® film technologies are intended to address several critical trends across electronic industries including:

  • The ever-increasing performance and power requirements of mobile devices that require thinner flexible circuit materials and more thermal management capabilities to dissipate heat.
  • In the automotive industry, usage of electric and electronic components continues to increase as vehicles need to meet consumer demand for accessibility and functionality; this requires improvements in thermal control materials, flexible circuit materials and electrical insulating materials.
  • The Internet of Things and ubiquitous interconnectivity creates high volumes of streaming information and content; this content requires both electronic communication infrastructure and safe content storage, which uses high-performance film substrates to support the speed, frequency and thermal components being generated.

Kapton® polyimide films, made only by DuPont, have set the industry standard for more than 50 years in high performance, reliability and durability. Kapton® polyimide films offer industry-leading durability and reliability for extreme applications with excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The capacity increase will occur at multiple sites, both in the United States and in Asia.