Danutek TECH-DAY 2022 – Serbia

March, 3, 2022, Naučno-tehnološki park Niš / Science and Technology Park Nis 

Strambino, Italy – Seica will attend the Danutek TECH-DAY 2022, the first-of-a-kind event in Serbia in the electronic industry!

In 2021 SEICA started a partnership with Danutek as its representative throughout Slovenja,  Serbia and Croatia. Danutek is a leading distributor and service provider in the SMT Manufacturing Industry who offers complete solutions in the field of Electronic, Manufacturing and Inspection equipment.

SEICA test solutions enrich their product range and SEICA‘s experience in the field of testing combined with the competence of Danutek’s specialized engineering team, represent a great opportunity for local manufacturers of the Electronics industry.

Seica will showcase the Pilot V8 Next, the complete solution for those who want elevate performance like high test speed, low to medium volumes, test coverage and flexibility, for prototyping, manufacturing, or repairing any type of board. 

Its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously. The PILOT V8 Next is equipped with 8 electrical flying test probes (4 on each side), 2 Openfix flying probes (1 on each side), 4 Flying Pods (2 front, 2 rear)  and 2 CCD cameras (1 on each side), 2 Thermal Scan sensors, 2 Laser sensors, 2 LED Sensors, for a total of 20 mobile resources available to test the UUT. Available in the Manual and Automatic version.

For Danutek, the goal with this conference is to bring the latest breakthroughs and technologies in the industry closer to their customers, in NT Park Nis. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about new features, have hands-on equipment experience, and discuss processes with experts.

Seica is proud to take part to this technological day with the Danutek Team.

Seica is where customers look for leading-edge solutions… 10.03.2022, Naučno-tehnološki park Niš / Science and Technology Park Nis,

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About Seica S.p.A.

Founded in 1986, Seica S.p.A. is an innovative, high technology company that develops and manufactures leading-edge solutions for the test and selective soldering of electronic boards and modules. Moreover, Seica provides battery test solutions, automotive electronic board test solutions, infotainment test, as well as electric vehicle inverter and battery charging station test systems. Seica has fully embraced the concept of Industry 4.0, developing solutions to monitor and collect information from machines and industrial plants to enable the optimization of manufacturing processes, maintenance and energy management.

Company headquarters are located in Italy, with direct offices in USA, Germany, China, Mexico and France.

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