Critical Manufacturing Releases V10 of its MES

PORTO, Portugal Critical Manufacturing, a global leader in next-level automation and manufacturing execution systems (MES), announced the launch of the latest MES version, V10. With a focus on “Expect More from Your MES,” Critical Manufacturing V10 offers the most comprehensive and innovative MES solution for electronics, semiconductor, medical device, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

“At Critical Manufacturing, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with MES,” said Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO. “With V10, we offer our customers a solution that exceeds their expectations, delivering the most extensive, agile, and flexible MES on the market.”

Critical Manufacturing V10 MES offers a range of features that go above and beyond the expectations of the manufacturing industry. With real-time views of operations, instant, clear guidance to every operator or technician, and the ability to easily manage varied products, V10 provides complete data and insights for decision-making to improve productivity and reduce errors.

“Expectations matter, and with Critical Manufacturing V10, our customers can expect to take their manufacturing operations to the next level,” continued Almada Lobo. “V10 includes a robust set of features designed to assist manufacturers in generating new business, streamlining team workflows, preventing errors, and reporting issues with new products and processes. Our solution provides a simple and intuitive interface with contextual manufacturing information to help increase operator efficiency, ensure users make the right decisions at the right time, and avoid recurring problems.”

Features within V10 include various system enhancements that make the solution more user-friendly and accessible. Adaptive scheduling flexibility and multi-level order and material scheduling capabilities make keeping up with ever-changing products and order mixes easier. While features like BOM variation management, using ECAD for defect detection, side-by-side visual comparisons of objects, and SEMI E142 support enables exceptional usability. Combined with the existing statistical process control (SPC), these new features make easy work of details such as material qualification, bills-of-materials, processing parameters, recipes, and equipment integration. An integrated Alert and Notification center and low-code ERP integration ensures information is shared between users and systems to increase utility and agility while reducing reaction time to actionable events.  Further enhancements include low code ERP integration and a new, AI-driven, natural language “bot” interface that enables access to system functionality with simple voice or typed commands. Accessibility has also been improved with accommodations included for users with a variety of visual impairments.

To enable easy deployment across multiple sites and ensure the system remains ‘future ready,’ the Critical Manufacturing MES V10 employs templates, container orchestration, and DevOps (a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations). The platform runs effectively on any hardware or software configuration and can be hosted on premises, on any cloud, or any hybrid option. It uses a low-code system, making it inherently scalable and customizable and enabling new functionality to be quickly deployed and new sites added without extensive capital expenditure. Overall, the system’s advanced design will ensure that the latest technological advancements and upgrades can be readily incorporated and innovations embraced.

“Critical Manufacturing V10 is a clear leader in the MES market, providing the data and insights you need to drive your business forward,” concluded Almada Lobo. “Our solution delivers a fully integrated and adaptable MES for modern manufacturers with powerful features and clear visual representations of the entire scope of your production line. It is intended to deliver the flexibility and manufacturing agility you need for the future.”

The V10 launch marks a significant step forward for Critical Manufacturing and its commitment to redefining the manufacturing landscape. As manufacturers worldwide look to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, V10 provides the ultimate all-in-one MES solution that adapts to individual manufacturers’ needs and delivers the data and insights required to succeed in today’s fast-moving markets.


Critical Manufacturing hosted a webinar to explain how MES can deliver superior business outcomes. Click here to watch the webinar on-demand, with Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO of Critical Manufacturing, and Thiago Martins, Managing Director of Accenture, joining Julie Fraser of Tech-Clarity for the discussion. Additionally, the link offers access to a range of informative materials including brochures, videos, and other V10 resources to help learn its capabilities in greater detail.

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