CalcuQuote Integrates with Germany-based Stackrate for Improved PCB Quoting Experience for EMS Companies 

Dallas, TX – CalcuQuote customers will benefit from a valuable integration between QuoteCQ, the RFQ management system designed for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) contract manufacturers, and Stackrate, a PCB fab manufacturing software product by Germany based company, Electronic Fellows.. “We believe that the quoting process in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and PCB sectors is subject to fundamental change. API-driven solutions are about to replace most of the inefficient email communication within the next few years. With the integration of Stackrate in QuoteCQ, we accelerate this development and make the required technologies accessible to all market participants,” says Stackrate CEO, Florian Herborn.

EMS companies will be able to use this integration in their QuoteCQ enabled RFQ process to easily and accurately analyze PCB design files, visualize the PCB on their screen and reach additional PCB vendors to solicit quotes. This integration further supports CalcuQuote’s position as the global leader in the EMS quoting software space by  improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the RFQ process.

“Stackrate is solving the problem of PCB analysis in an innovative way. The reason we see strong collaboration potential in the future is that the team at Stackrate shares our passion for being laser focused on applying their industry experience towards creating a better electronics supply chain.” says Chintan Sutaria, CalcuQuote CEO.

CalcuQuote is the most comprehensive RFQ management system available to EMS companies, and the Stackrate integration provides even more value for quoting one of the most complex parts of an electronic assembly.

About CalcuQuote:  

CalcuQuote provides quoting and supply chain software for the EMS industry. With a focus on the future, CalcuQuote improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the quoting and supply chain process by optimizing operations and implementing sustainable digital solutions. Founded in 2014, CalcuQuote currently serves over 150 EMS companies and is based in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit  

About Stackrate:  

The Electronic Fellows GmbH, located near Wiesbaden, Germany, is a start-up that creates software solutions for the PCB industry. Our flagship product “Stackrate” is a quoting tool for PCB manufacturers which we have developed since 2019. For further information please visit our website