Choosing the Right Partner for Aerospace Manufacturing Services

Choosing the Right Partner for Aerospace Manufacturing Services

Reliable partnerships with the right people drive focus, quality, and success

SOURCE: Spartronics blog

Most recently, the 2022 Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook published by Deloitte stated that the Commercial Aerospace and Defense industry will begin placing “focus on innovation to develop new technologies and solutions, create new markets, and expand growth opportunities.” With normalization in air travel, the commercial aerospace segment is projected to recover strongly post-Covid. However, evolving business models, new improvements and innovations, and a continued push toward digital operational efficiencies means that electronic contract manufacturers, such as Spartronics will see an increase in aviation manufacturing projects.

What does this mean for commercial aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)? It is a time to re-evaluate their suppliers and focus on finding the right partner that can lead them through the rigorous compliance process. Finding the right electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) with regulatory and global industry standards and experience, but more importantly, an aerospace manufacturing services partner that exceeds their needs, provides transparency, ensures unfailing reliability in printed circuit board contract manufacturing, and works in tandem with the OEM for success.

Spartronics, yet versatile as a full-service manufacturing and system integration partner, offers more than just that. Focus is centered around the organization’s core values, driving accountability, collaboration, transparency, and integrity for customers. Proving value as a trusted partner that OEMs can rely on for quality, expertise, swift delivery, and dedicated customer support. Larry Veiga, Vice President of Business Development for Spartronics says, “Our differentiator is people. We provide people that are willing to collaborate and be involved with our customers. We’re not afraid to pick up the phone, to have a discussion, to be at a customer in an instance, and to do what it takes to meet our customer’s needs.”

Spartronics offers global Aerospace and Defense Centers of Excellence and is registered as a NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) supplier. Centers of Excellence include:

The breadth of manufacturing technologies extends from legacy pin through hole — with extensive touch labor and special processes including selective solder for PCBA contract manufacturing — to leading-edge assembly including evolving development of miniaturization of components and product footprint.

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