Spartronics Case Study: A NEUROSTAR® IS BORN, Delivering a New Neurological Device from Concept to Market

Neuronetics, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based leader in the development of non-invasive therapies for psychiatric and neurological disorders, needed help bringing an innovative medical device to market. The launch of their new product called Neurostar® would provide a safe and effective treatment for patients whose depression was unresponsive to antidepressant medication.

By bringing this much needed product to market, it required a partner capable of complying with FDA requirements and guiding it through the design, engineering and manufacturing cycles. Neuronetics partnered with the Spartronics design and manufacturing teams to provide the comprehensive services needed in order to produce NeuroStar and prepare it for commercialization.

To continue reading, download the case study to learn more about how Neuronetics and Spartronics partnered together on the manufacturing of NeuroStar.

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