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Can power electronics support market growth?

Recent market research by Grand View Research has projected that the global power electronics market will be valued at $39.2 billion by 2025. To ensure electrical products and infrastructure are capable of supporting this 40 per cent growth, power quality expert REO UK is calling on laboratories and testing facilities to invest in stable DC power supplies for electrical testing.

Electrical testing is a critical part of the design and development of power electronics and electrical components. Testing involves running accurately monitored voltages through a component or product to ensure it is capable of withstanding and performing under specified currents. This ensures smooth performance and correct specification details once the tested equipment is on the market.

REO UK has worked extensively with test facilities and laboratories in the past and has identified a recurring problem of poor power quality affecting test accuracy. The company has previously launched ranges of electrical power supplies to provide stepless voltage adjustment to overcome this issue.

“Electrical testing requires absolute accuracy to ensure that products are reliable, safe and able to perform,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “If the market for power electronics is to reach its projected 40 per cent growth in the coming decade, testing must be accurately controlled and reliable to ensure a consistently high standard of products.

“Unfortunately, we often see that test facilities lack this control, either due to inaccurate electrical equipment or electromagnetic interference (EMI) making the current unreliable.”

Now, the company has stepped up its focus on test facilities with its new REOLAB 1000E electronic DC power supply for test equipment. The product is designed for use in testing the operating current of semiconductor diodes and rectifiers, as well as the maximum DC reverse voltage of a system up to 1200V.

“Our new REOLAB 1000E helps to tackle the lack of electrical control with its stepless voltage adjustments and current tolerance of +/- 1 per cent,” continued Steve. “This tolerance level means that the supplied power is highly accurate and controllable.

“In addition to this, the REOLAB range has a design that complies with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards to prevent creating power quality problems. This ensures test and laboratory facilities can test properly and effectively with minimal concerns over unstable loads.”

The REOLAB 1000E is the latest addition to REO UK’s range of electrical equipment for testing facilities. For more information on the power quality products provided by the company, visit the company’s website or call 01588 673 411.

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