Alpha to Present Innovative Preform Technologies at the EPP Innovations Forum in Böblingen, Germany

Somerset, NJ – February, 2018 – Alpha Assembly Solutions, a provider of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will present its void reducing preform solutions at the EPP Innovations Forum on Wednesday 7th March, in Böblingen, Germany.

Alpha’s presentation will be given by Ralph Christ, Customer Technical Support Manager – DACH Region, and will focus on the ways that electronics assembly processes can be optimized by using ALPHA® TrueHeight® Spacer Blocks to prevent BGA solder bridging and ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms to prevent die tilt on semiconductor applications and ensure consistent bondline thickness.

“Alpha’s TrueHeight® Spacer Blocks are an effective way to prevent solder bridging on BGA components after reflow”, explains Ralph Christ. “The burr-free, non-collapse discs are coated with a barrier layer of nickel and finish coated with gold. They are designed to be automatically placed and reflowed onto the PCB pad, enabling a defined minimum height to be achieved at the corners of the BGA. This prevents the excess collapse of the solder spheres that causes adjacent solder bridging.”

For the optimization of semiconductor applications ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms have been designed to deliver consistent bondline thickness and minimized die tilt. This results in predictable reliability and performance. Process Optimization is the focus of this year’s EPP Innovations Forum, with the main aim of the event to transfer knowledge and to continue to maintain and expand the competitiveness of electronics in Germany. The event will bring together a number of key industry professionals who will each give a 20-minute presentation on the topic. There will also be breaks throughout the day for networking opportunities.


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