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CalcuQuote to Host Webinar February 23: “Your inventory has doubled – now what?”

CalcuQuote, a supply chain solution provider for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that they will host a webinar on Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 9AM CT / 4PM CEST. The webinar entitled, “Your inventory has doubled – now what?” will be presented by Chintan Sutaria, Founder and CEO, and Dustin Carlson, Vice President of Growth. The webinar is now open for registration at https://hubs.li/Q01BSqsJ0.

The covid era supply chain volatility has far reaching implications. Included among those are record high inventory levels. How do you know when you have a working capital problem? And what can you do to solve it? Join CalcuQuote’s experts for a webinar on how to address working capital issues from a supply chain perspective.

Topics will include:

  • Macro trends which shaking up your cashflow
  • Metrics that matter for measuring cash cycle
  • Actions to address working capital constraints
  • Tackle your business issues. How can CQ help?

CalcuQuote works with EMS and OEM companies to solve complex problems with industry-leading solutions. The company optimizes the supply chain process by enabling customers to make more informed decisions, work faster, be more accurate, and ultimately, be more competitive. CalcuQuote’s investment i n machine learning is helping to bring clarity to disjointed part numbering across the industry.

CalcuQuote’s software solutions offer seamless integration with supply chain partners, ERPs and other information systems. To learn more about CalcuQuote, visit www.calcuquote.com.

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