Avnet Americas President Chuck Delph,  IHS Markit’s Sam Lucero, and ECIA CEO Bill Bradford Present at ECIA Regional Series Events

Atlanta, GA –  Chuck Delph, president of Avnet Americas, presented to a full house in Phoenix last week for the kick-off Regional Series Event. He described the challenges, both internal and external, that Avnet has been responding to the past few years.  He addressed both the good and the bad aspects of the company’s transformation. “Chuck brought high energy and a positive message to the audience and the response was very good,” commented Debbie Conyers, ECIA vice president of member engagement.

ECIA’s CEO Bill Bradford presented at the Regional Series event in Costa Mesa February 8. Bill’s presentation, ‘Drivers of Sales Performance: An Evidence Based Approach’ described how the academic community is trying to understand the sales process. “I’ve spent over 30 years managing and leading sales teams in the semiconductor industry, always striving to identify the traits that differentiate performance in sales people,” he explained. “Research is compelling that managers should select for highly engaged salespeople and create an environment that welcomes engagement.”

IHS Markit’s Sam Lucero provided the second presentation for both events. His overview described how transformative technologies are converging to reshape industries, specifically taking a deep dive into automotive markets to show how these technologies are presenting both opportunities and challenges.Transformative technologies are coming together in new, powerful ways.They are driving innovation, disrupting industries, and dramatically changing companies. While technologies such as AI, IoT, computer vision, and the cloud are not new, they are converging at an accelerated pace, fundamentally changing the automotive industry, and enabling the shift from connected to autonomous vehicles.  “The key takeaways from this presentation were that the auto industry is increasingly defined by digital technology advances,” continued Conyers. “The car is now a digital platform for infotainment, security, telematics, data vendors, and that’s going to change a lot of things.

“All the presenters got excellent reviews. The main message of both evenings was that companies have to improve their ability to change – and adapt quickly,” she concluded.


ECIA thanks the following companies who have sponsored the Regional Series Events: Avnet, Digi-Key Electronics and the TTI Family of Companies: TTi, Inc., Mouser, Sager and Symmetry.