Author: Philip Stoten

Electronic Manufacturing Trends in 2023 – How We See It

By Joel Scutchfield, General Manager of SMT Business Operations & Director of Sales, Koh Young America, Inc.
Not every company celebrates twenty years in business, even less celebrate the success and market leadership enjoyed by Koh Young. As leader of a startup in 2002, I am sure Dr. Koh had not imagined the success of the team he built and the innovations that changed the industry.

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What’s the SCOOP – 2023 Trends – part one

It’s been a good year for the EMS industry in general, and with better component availability it would have been even better. But how is everyone in the industry feeling about 2023? I reached out to around 50 CEOs and many responses are in. Take a look at what those running EMS companies and those the companies that supply them as well as a smattering of what consultants, experts and economists think. 

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