Australian PC market grows 11.8% in 2020 due to work from home demand and increased consumer spending

SYDNEY – According to the latest IDC Quarterly Personal Computing Devices Tracker 2020Q4, the Australian PC market (desktops, notebooks, workstations) grew by 11.8% – total of 4.87 million units for the year 2020. The market was driven mainly by growth in consumer segments, posting 29% increase YoY while commercial is down by 2% YoY.

Demand for notebooks was strong across both commercial and consumer segments, with 11% and 29.3% growth respectively, bringing the total units to 3.68 million. On the other hand, shipments for desktops posted a total decline of -8.6%. This was driven by a -26.6% YoY decline in the commercial segment but held up slightly by the consumer segment, with growth of +27.8% YoY due to strong demand for Whitebox gaming and All-in-Ones.

“Companies are moving away from desktops to notebooks to allow for a hybrid work environment.” says Reynard Lowell, IDC Australia’s Associate Market Analyst for PC devices.

Consumer demand was even stronger, as the market posted record demand during Black Friday holiday season. “The consumer market saw huge demand as PCs became the most used devices at home and households are slowly moving to a 1 PC per person model.”

“Gaming PCs also saw huge growth as people are looking for indoor entertainment and the successful launch of Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 series which enticed enthusiasts to upgrade.”

The growth however is hindered by shortages in components, most commonly displays, which resulted in the Australia PC market decline of -1.4% YoY in 2020Q4.

PC monitors saw a similar trajectory to the PC market, growing 31.3% YoY. As working from home became the norm, many employees took the opportunity to set up a proper home office to allow for greater work flexibility and increase productivity. The demand for gaming monitors also increased significantly, posting 133% growth YoY for the year 2020.

IDC predicts that Australia’s PC Market will reverse its current trend in 2021, with a slight YoY decline of

-4.4%. “The consumer market will continue to remain strong. However, the commercial market is expected to start to slow, as organisations remain cautious about buying. A stronger second half of the year is expected once there is more certainty and stability in the economy.”