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Ascentech LLC Announces U30 Series Cameras, 4K with x30 ZOOM

The advantages of 4K resolution now pop out of the screen…ergonomic inspection is made clearer, easier, crisp and vibrant.  The U30 is available in U30 and U30s form factors and the full series of variants includes extended working distance models with 500mm and 1000mm. To request additional information about the U30 family please CLICK HERE
Need to see 0201 components or even smaller?

…and clearly? Now we offer the same x30 zoom as the  FHD F30 Series  to give x52 magnification (24inch monitor) or even greater, e.g. 113x mag with a +5 lens added.
HD-210-LB Track stand for any ‘S’ camera 
Highly functional and tidy stand solution, especially if using the range of add on lenses where the working distance needs adjusting.  The focus track is a full 410mm and the high quality mechanism is tension adjustable.
The  mounting geometry and large and stable base are designed to accommodate Inspectis HD-028 and HD-A rotary knob control with essential  zoom, iris (brightness) and manual focus functions.  With its solid quality feel, the HD-200 sits firmly on the bench and focus adjustment is finger tip light. When you need the finest focus adjustments it comes into its own.   using manual focus mode e.g. for inspection of small parts at high magnification.
To request additional information about the HD-200 please CLICK HERE
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