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EMSNOW APEX 2022 Show Preview San Diego

EMSNOW APEX 2022 Show Preview San Diego

apex bannerxTwo years ago, the industry came together in San Diego blissfully unaware that a global event of another sort was just about to begin. There were some hints, but APEX 2020 was about the last normal thing that happened. Hundreds of articles with words like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘catastrophic’ later, we are tentatively headed back to San Diego hoping for some much-needed face time with colleagues and customers. With many countries effectively locked down and the Omicron variant still circulating, it remains to be seen how close to ‘normal’ APEX 2022 will be, but EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll will be there, and we will be covering the event with cautious optimism. Productronica was successful by most accounts, in spite of being less global and more regional. With the industry as a whole experiencing a return to regionalization in manufacturing – ‘build in the region, for the region’ – perhaps a regional APEX makes sense as well.

The timely theme of this year’s event is Achieving Digital Transcendence. Since 2020, we’ve all become more digitalized, and the IPC has added some enhancements to the communications. For example, the excellent podcast ‘The Art of the Possible’ hosted by IPC President John Mitchell provides an interesting preview of the technical program, IPC Mentoring support, and what to expect from Jackie Mattox’s Women in Electronics presentation. We recommend listening to that on the plane to San Diego. Covid-19 guidelines are easy to access. Be sure and follow those closely.

It’s all about the networking

From the exhibit floor to the classroom and everywhere in between, including the International, Newcomers Networking, Show Floor and Women in Electronics at IPC APEX EXPO Receptions; Ice Cream Social; Ribbon Cutting Ceremony; Keynote Sessions; New Products Corridor; Trivia Networking Night; and more – attendees can connect and collaborate.

Among the highly anticipated special events is the opening keynote by New York Times Columnist, Emmy-Winning CBS Sunday Morning Contributor and NOVA Host, David Pogue. On Tuesday, January 25, Pogue will present, “Disruptive Tech & How it Will Affect Your Business: What’s Coming by 2026,” taking attendees on a wild ride through the cutting-edge science and technology that is powering a next wave of technological innovation.

Aegis Software Celebrates Twenty-Five Years Delivering Manufacturing Digitization and Showcases Latest IIoT-Based Manufacturing Platform Capabilities 

Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Operations Management Software, announces twenty-five years of delivering best-in-class manufacturing operations solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers and will be showcasing the latest FactoryLogix® innovations  at Booth #1443 and the Factory of the Future Pavilion #1701.

Aegis’ FactoryLogix platform was designed from the ground up using modern, innovative technology, anticipating the need for a single-platform, IIoT-based solution, promoting interoperability between key enterprise solutions, shop-floor machine-based automation, and Human 4.0 innovation. With the IPC-CFX (Connected Factory Exchange) providing a “plug and play” communication language, representing the “last interface anyone needs”, as well as Aegis’ extensive library of interfaces and ERP integrations, manufacturers can eliminate the islands of disparate systems achieving complete visibility enterprise-wide. The FactoryLogix Smart Operator Cockpit brings complete visibility and control to manufacturing execution, with advanced quality and Lean material management tools, supporting every type of manual and automated discrete manufacturing assembly operation, including SMT, with surgical precision the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Jason Spera

Aegis CEO Jason Spera

“As I sit back and look at our last twenty-five years, many things stand out about that journey. I am particularly proud of the company we have become and all our employees and their supportive families that made it possible, as well as the 2,200+ manufacturing sites and thousands of users around the world we support every day.  But what is most exciting is the platform Aegis now has in both technology and customer base that enables our customers and our company to create together what digitalized manufacturing means in the future,” stated Jason Spera, Co-Founder, and CEO, Aegis Software. “When my Co-Founder, John Walls, and I started this company twenty-five years ago, we set out to develop comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions enabling manufacturers to focus on their core competencies—delivering innovative quality products for growth, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction—not focusing on cumbersome, time-consuming paper-based processes inhibiting their innovation and growth. Twenty-five years later, more than 2,200 global factories are leveraging our solution to produce some of the most game-changing and mission-critical innovations, which is truly humbling and something we appreciate every day. Given our year over year growth, global customer base, top-notch employees, and product roadmap, we are excited as we create what happens next.”

FactoryLogix is a holistic and modular platform that delivers leading-edge technology with easily configurable modules to support and execute a discrete manufacturer’s strategy towards Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution and quality management to powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform helps companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability.

Cogiscan and iTAC Software AG Co-exhibit

Cogiscan, the leading connectivity and TTC solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is proud to co-exhibit with iTAC Software AG for IPC APEX EXPO 2022 at booth #3121. Since the acquisition, Cogiscan and iTAC have joined forces to offer the best and most comprehensive shop floor control within the electronics manufacturing industry.
logo cogiscan
“Coming on the heels of a very successful Productronica show, we are eager to continue the exciting momentum of sharing our collaborative SMT solutions with our colleagues, partners and customers. 2022 promises to be our best year yet as we are anticipating the most significant growth in our corporate history thanks to our complete portfolio of smart factory solutions. The return to an in-person APEX show is an excellent kick-off to the year,” explained François Monette, Chief Business Development Officer at Cogiscan. Additional new products on display will include the newly released TTC Fix, a complete traceability solution for digital PCBA inspection and repair, as well as an advanced planning and scheduling module developed in partnership with Dualis.
Cogiscan’s ultimate goal is to guide clients along the factory data journey – to achieve a personalized smarter factory with our modular platform of advanced connectivity and data management infrastructure and intelligent TTC applications. “Electronics manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to address new challenges in supply chain visibility, factory connectivity, and quality control – and all with less people to get these jobs done. We believe our portfolio of solutions position us to help the SMT market address these issues most effectively and holistically. I look forward to sharing more at the show,” comcluded  Mitch DeCaire, Director of Business Development at Cogiscan.

IDENTCO Exhibits Industry-leading Labelling Solutions at Booth 2120

For 35 years IDENTCO has been providing innovative, industry-leading solutions for the most demanding circuit board and component track and trace challenges. From through-hole wave soldering to today’s dynamic SMT environments, IDENTCO has been there every step of the way.identco logo

Stock or custom. Print-on-demand or preprinted. Hand or auto-apply.
Our goal is to provide you with the choices that fit your process and optimize your workflow.

For more information, visit

Koh Young highlighting its Award-winning True 3D Inspection Solutions

imageKoh Young Technology, the industry leader in True 3D measurement-based inspection solutions and the Premier sponsor of IPC APEX Expo, will deliver live demonstrations of its award-winning inspection and measurement solutions.

After a lengthy lock-down, Koh Young will embrace the comprehensive safety and hygiene protocols in place to ensure a safe environment for attendees, so that the industry can meet face-to-face. Koh Young will highlight several award-winning solutions at the Koh Young America booth (1717) and the Factory of the Future Pavilion (1701). The following is just a glimpse into what Koh Young will have in store for our visitors.

“While the world came to a standstill during the pandemic, Koh Young took that opportunity to analyze market gaps and listen to customers,” commented Joel Scutchfield, General Manager, Koh Young America. “As a result, we have several new developments that will make the life of our customers easier with fewer defects and higher productivity. Our latest innovations will be on full display during IPC APEX Expo. As the premier show sponsor, Koh Young is excited about the opportunity to meet with old friends and greet new ones in booth 1717.”


Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

In 2002, we introduced the concept of 3D measurement-based solder paste inspection – and it revolutionized the inspection industry. Today, manufacturers recognize the value of the 3D measurement data and use the data to improve the print process, in turn, improving production yield and quality. Today, 3D SPI has become a standard requirement for SMT lines – it is no longer optional. The KY8030-3 is our SPI workhorse, and the most popular SPI solution in the electronics manufacturing market. With a patented dual-projection technology, we deliver trustworthy and repeatable measurement data, which manufacturers can use to reliably optimize the print process.

Printing Process Optimization

The award-winning Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO Printer) solution is an AI-based automatic print process optimizer. This system improves the printer offset, as well as critical printer parameters like squeegee speed, print pressure, and separation speed. KPO performs an automated DOE to determine the optimum printing parameters for the best print quality. As a result, manufacturers can optimize the print process, without the need for a dedicated print process expert. Furthermore, KPO monitors and perfects parameters in real-time to guarantee quality despite environmental changes.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

imageThe Koh Young 3D AOI Zenith delivers perfect inspection performance with True 3D measurement technology. In the 2D inspection world, false calls and escapes are unavoidable. To solve this problem, we took a different approach. We based our solution on full 3D measurement technology, not 2D technology and its inherent shortcomings or 2D with some 3D capabilities bolted-on to help. At Koh Young, the Zenith measures all components in True 3D. We find the component body based on true 3D profilometric information. Using this approach, we provide trustworthy inspection results, regardless of component or board color variations. When our 3D measurement data meets artificial intelligence, we can deliver even more advantages to manufacturers.

Automated Pin Inspection (API)

Built on its world-class True3D™ AOI technology, new enhancements help it break through barriers associated with inspecting products with a mix of both Pins and SMDs. The complete KY-P3 lineup provides an automated back-end solution combining advanced high-resolution optics and innovative AI-powered vision algorithms for single pin, press-fit, and Final Optical Inspection, as well as for pins inside a connector shroud, while also inspecting traditional SMDs on the same product. Because of its quantitative measurement-based approach, accuracy and repeatability is unsurpassed.

Dispense Process Inspection (DPI)

The award-winning Neptune is the industry’s first 3D optical measurement solution for transparent material inspection. Using Koh Young LIFT technology (Laser Interferometry for Fluid Tomography), the Neptune delivers non-destructive 3D inspection to precisely measure and inspect fluids – wet or dry. With its Machine-Learning algorithm, the Neptune accurately measures materials for coverage, thickness, and consistency with a user-defined threshold setting. It also identifies bubbles, cracks, and other defects in coating. It also measures underfill, epoxy, bonding, glue, potting, flux, and more to deliver an exact measurement of transparent and translucent materials.

Process Control Software

AI-powered KSMART solutions help automate process control, while focusing on data management, analysis, and optimization. It collects data from across the factory for defect detection, real-time optimization, enhanced decisions, and traceability to improve production, increase quality, and lower costs by eliminating variances, false calls, and escapes.

Factory of the Future Pavilion & Technical Poster Session

Koh Young was selected to highlight how it is solving significant business challenges by applying connectivity to modernize industry processes. Across the aisle from our booth, in the Factory of the Future pavilion, Koh Young will discuss how to leverage IPC-CFX with Koh Young AI-powered technologies to help manufacturers realize a smart factory. These tools collect factory data on defects, optimization, traceability, and more to improve metrics, increase quality, and lower costs. Yet, successful CFX implementation on the shopfloor requires confidence that equipment has been qualified to IPC-CFX. In this presentation, we will explore how Koh Young successfully applies real-time data to improve the production process by converting data into process knowledge using CFX and other software tools. Combined with IPC communication standards, the gates to a smart factory are open to anyone. If you cannot make it to the pavilion, grab a drink, lunch, or an ice cream and mingle with Koh Young experts at the poster sessions in booth 3815 to discuss how to use IPC-CFX to enable a smart factory.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions to Exhibit New Solutions at Booth 2121

APEXMacDermid Alpha’s industry leading brands, MacDermid Enthone, Alpha, Kester, and the recently acquired Electrolube, will promote their portfolios of innovative metallization, electronics assembly, and thermal management technologies in Booth 2121. For Circuitry Solutions, the MacDermid Enthone brand will highlight the Affinity family of high reliability technology for ENIG/ENEPIG final finishes. In addition, they will promote MacuSpec™ THF, the high performance, void-free through hole copper plating technology, and Blackhole and Shadow direct metallization processes, which offer customers a highly reliabile, environmentally friendly alternative to electroless copper.

The Assembly Solutions Division, represented by the Alpha and Kester brands, will promote its suite of high reliability solutions, the next generation HRL3 low temperature solution, and the ALPHA HiTech portflio of adhesive, underfill, and edgebond solutions. The high reliability solutions will focus on ALPHA CVP-390V and Kester NP505-HR solder pastes with Innolot alloy. When combined with the ALPHA HiTech portfolio of adhesive, underfill, and edgebond solutions and innovative solder preforms, these products deliver superior electrochemical, mechanical, and thermo-mechanical reliability.

The newest addition to the high reliability and low temperature solutions is the ALPHA OM-565 solder paste with HRL3 alloy. Designed to mitigate warpage induced defects by enabling peak reflow temperatures of 175 °C, the HRL3 alloy offers enhanced thermo-mechanical reliability and drop shock performance over existing low temperature alloys. In addition to solder paste, HRL3 is also available in bar and solid wire.

The latest business to join the MacDermid Alpha family of brands is Electrolube with its wide range of chemicals for electronics, such as conformal coatings, encapsulation resins and thermal management materials. Electrolube will promote thermal management solutions for e-vehicle batteries including GF600, a gap filler with a thermal conductivity level of 6.0 W/m.K plus an innovative range of specialist chemicals and advanced conformal coatings including UVCLX. This specialist bio-coating contains 75% bio-organic content from renewable sources and is ideal for an extensive range of applications including automotive. Its secondary chemical cure ensures that even part hidden components on a PCB are coated effectively and offering an exceptionally high level of protection against harsh environments.

Spartronics at EMS Leadership Summit

Spartronics has been invited to speak at the EMS Leadership Summit . The EMS Leadership Summit allows industry leaders the opportunity to discuss business growth, financial uses and gather insights from industry experts during panel discussions and roundtables.

DEB GUDE IPC APEX EXPOQuote Supervisor of Spartronics Brooksville, Deb Gude will represent Spartronics and speak to SupplyFrame’s quoting platforms, QuoteFX and QuoteWIN during a user experience panel discussion on Quoting Software. Deb will deliver the importance of how adoption of advanced quoting management solutions drive efficiency at a global enterprise level. The audience will walk away understanding how these purpose-built quoting solutions are taking the most complex product costing challenges into one, easy to use, single platform and help standardize processes for electronic contract manufacturers (ECM), such as Spartronics.

Deb brings 39 years of industry experience and 25 years specifically in Supply Chain functions both with Spartronics. Her depth of knowledge within quoting includes managing the quote group, manufacturing planning, test labor calculation and related cost factors in preparing summary of costs and the construction of price proposals. Deb also holds the title of Small Business Liaison Officer responsible for developing and preparing individual subcontracting plans and monitoring performance for Spartronics.


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