Amphenol Temperature Scanning Entry System in Stock at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, offers Amphenol Advanced Sensor’s TSCAN-750 Temperature Scanning Entry System, which combines traditional infrared (IR) temperature measurement with artificial intelligence (Al) facial recognition. This Advanced IR system provides full and partial facial recognition with the capability to detect a user who is wearing a face mask. The system features easy operation – the user simply stands in front of the device and within one second their identity and body temperature are automatically recorded and logged. If a normal body temperature is recorded and the user’s identity is authenticated, the user is granted entry and access to pass. If the body temperature exceeds a normal value, the system will automatically alarm and prohibit passage. For additional settings, the device supports three usage modes with different platform software capabilities.

large aas tscan imageThe Amphenol Advanced Sensors TSCAN-750 Temperature Scanning Entry System offers 99.8% identification accuracy and the facial recognition library can handle up to 50,000 identities. The device can connect to secure gate entry systems. Multiple devices can be used at one location.

The company and education modes offer combined facial recognition and temperature measurement for employee, student and staff access control and attendance management. These modes are equipped with a web interface to view historical statistics.

The quick screening mode allows entry based on temperature reading without recording individual data, and temperature and entry statistics are available through a mobile app. This scanner is ideal for use in workplaces, educational facilities, sports venues, restaurants, retail stores and airports.

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