Alpha Introduces Revolutionary Low Temperature Solder Paste at Productronica China 2018


Somerset, NJMarch, 2018 – Alpha Assembly Solutions, a supplier of electronic soldering materials and bonding materials, will be introducing its new low temperature solder paste at Productronica China in Shanghai from March 14 – 16th, 2018.

Alpha’s revolutionary ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 low temperature, high reliability solder paste will be highlighted at the show. The ALPHA® HRL1 alloy was designed to improve thermal cycling performance in low temperature assemblies. The chemistry and alloy pairing is revolutionary as it reduces the soldering temperature required for SAC alloys by 50°C, while dramatically reducing power consumption and carbon emissions.  The ALPHA® HRL1 alloy enables assemblers to have a cost efficient, highly reliable soldering process with up to 99% less warpage and significantly fewer defects. It shows the best compatibility with SAC alloys vs. other low temperature SnBi alloys.

Additionally, ALPHA® OM-550 has the characteristics of a modern solder paste designed for motherboards but with the ability to reflow at lower temperatures, therefore minimizing Head-in-Pillow and NWO defects in complex assemblies.

For more information on Alpha’s low temperature solder paste, visit Alpha Assembly Solutions Booth at Productronica China E2-2140.