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Alpha Customer Technical Support Engineer Presenting at Soldering, Cleaning & Coating Workshop

Somerset, NJ – April, 2018 – Alpha Assembly Solutions, a supplier of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will be one of the featured presenters at a Soldering, Cleaning and Coating workshop being hosted by ZESTRON on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, Canada.

As part of the ZESTRON Academy workshop, Alpha Customer Service Support Engineer, Jason Fullerton, will be presenting on the topic, “No-Clean Fluxes – Why and When They Should be Cleaned?” Fullerton will cover the IPC classifications of these fluxes, the benefits and drawbacks of no-clean fluxes to both older RMA fluxes and newer water-soluble fluxes, and the two primary drivers for cleaning no-clean fluxes.

“Fluxes often do not get the careful attention and consideration that they should,” said Jason Fullerton. “This workshop is an excellent opportunity to cover the science behind and the applications for no-clean fluxes, ensuring that the best electrochemical reliability and material compatibility is achieved.”

Three other speakers will present at the day-long workshop. Mike Konrad from Aqueous Technologies will present “Contaminations Associated Failure Mechanisms and How to Avoid Them,” Jigar Patel from ZESTRON will cover “PCB Reliability with QFNs and No Clean Fluxes,” and Kai Hui of MG Chemicals will discuss “Material Selection and Application for Ruggedization of Electronics.”

ZESTRON Academy is dedicated to providing cleaning process education to the electronics manufacturing industry through customized training either on-site or at one of our seven global Technical Centers, and through webinars, workshops, and industry events. Alpha Assembly Solutions is proud to partner with ZESTRON to share the latest research, knowledge and product innovations.

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