Tempo Automation Expands Team

Tempo Automation, an electronics manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production of printed circuit board assemblies, announces key milestones at year-end, highlighting company growth, expansion in key markets,and its mission to transform the way technology manufacturers bring newproducts to market by reaching new levels of speed, precision,and innovation.

Printed circuit board assemblies(PCBA) are at the center of the electronics universe, enabling new technology,from autonomous vehicles to space launch systems and wearable medical devices. As technology companies compete to bring ground-breaking inventions to market quickly and gain first-mover advantage, they seek to reduce the time from concept to prototype to product launch. Founded in 2013, Tempo Automation creates factory automation software and deploys it in its own state-of-the-art PCBA plant to help leading companies in the aerospace, medical technology, and automotive industries innovate more quickly.With its proprietary software driving Tempo’s concept of the “digital thread,” connecting customer engagement, order processing, parts sourcing, factory operations, and shipment of finished PCB assemblies, the company can build and deliver high complexity printed circuit board assemblies in days instead of the weeks that customers are accustomed to waiting.

The Tempo platform is also the first in the industry to provide a real-time order status feature that allows customers to see exactly where in the manufacturing process their PCBAs are at any time, delivering a level of transparency and predictability not previously possible.“We are very proud of what we have accomplished this year. Tempo Automation’s goal is to transform the PCB assembly industry with a software-centric approach. This software helps us to become the fastest, most reliable PCBA prototyping partner to electrical engineers for their high complexity designs,” said Jeff McAlvay,Tempo Automation’s CEO. “2018 has been a big year for us. Having maxed out the capacity of our previous factory, we’ve moved into a factory with twice the capacity to keep up with customer demand. To further accelerate the introduction of software to electronics manufacturing, we’ve tripled the size of our software team. In 2019, we’re looking forward to continued expansion in our key vertical markets and the release of a number of software products that further increase the speed withwhich electrical engineers can bring their high complexity designs to market. The company has embarked on an ambitious growth strategy focused on expanding its footprint in customers working on high complexity designs with a growing team and a new smart factory.

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