Alpha Circuit I LLC To Exhibit at SMTA Atlanta 2023 April 26

Alpha Circuit I LLC To Exhibit at SMTA Atlanta 2023


Schaumburg, Illinois: Prashant Patel owner and president of Alpha Circuit I LLC has announced this his company will be exhibiting at this year’s SMTA Atlanta Expo to be held at the Atlanta Technology Park, 107 Technology Parkway in Peachtree Corners, Georgia on Wednesday April 26, 2023

Matt Kehoe, Alpha Circuit I LLC, Southern Regional Sales Manager and also a long time member of the SMTA Atlanta said, “ This is a great opportunity for us to start telling companies and customers about our new state of the art technology center opening soon in Schaumburg, IL. I can say that in all my years in the industry I have never seen anything like it and I can’t wait to be talking about it at this SMTA event. I hope I’ll get the chance to talk to all of my SMTA friends and customers about this new company that I am proud to be part of.”

About Alpha I LLC:

Alpha Circuit’s entire make up is based on excellence. Excellence underlines every single thing we do. From the way we quote to the order, to the way we enter to order. To the way we communicate with our customers and of course to the way we build and deliver the finest PCBs in the world our goal is to always provide the industry’s most excellent value. From excellent on time delivery and quality we want our product and our performance to be a true actual testament to what we do and how we do it. At Alpha we are all in to being a true excellent company.

Alpha will open its’ brand new state of the art technology in late May. State tuned for more details.

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