Advanced Manufacturing New York 2018 To Host Brand New Education Hubs on the Expo Floor

Content Programming Highlights Medical Technology, Smart Manufacturing, and Packaging  

Santa Monica, CA – Advanced Manufacturing New York, the East Coast’s largest
advanced design and manufacturing event,  announced the introduction of three new
education hubs that bring conference‐level education to the expo floor. With a full schedule of
content across all three days of the event, the education hubs are centered on the markets they
serve, focused on medtech, smart manufacturing, and packaging. This unmatched educational
program will discuss new industry knowledge in a range of formats including panel discussions,
trend presentations, technical sessions, case studies, and is free for all attendees.

Advanced Manufacturing New York, taking place June 12‐14, 2018 at the Jacob K. Javits
Convention Center, is comprised of six co‐located shows including Atlantic Design &
Manufacturing, Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East, EastPack, Medical Design and
Manufacturing East, PLASTEC East, and Quality Expo.

“The education hubs are an exciting development for us as it’s the first we’re bringing a
complete and robust lineup of conference‐quality content to the expo, free of charge for all
attendees. Not only will this give all our attendees the opportunity to experience high‐level
presentations on the latest industry trends, but it will also bring more action to an already lively
expo floor,” said Nina Brown, vice president of events, UBM. “We encourage all of our
attendees to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from  industry leaders.”

Medtech Education Hub:
Developed for medical device engineers working in R&D, design and product development, the
Medtech Education Hub offers top‐notch education from industry experts. Attendees will have
the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and breakthroughs affecting the medical
device industry today.  Highlights Include:
 How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Moving the Needle in Medtech ‐ This panel discussion
will cover AI and medical devices, and its potential impact on the industry landscape.
This session will also focus on challenges surrounding AI applications in imaging, surgical
robotics, neurological disorders and other use cases.
 Top Trends to Watch in Medtech: Innovation and Consolidation ‐ Medtech is at the
crossroads of healthcare and technology, and, through innovation, new technologies
can change how healthcare is delivered through medical devices. Learn about the latest
trends and what’s coming down the pike in this ever‐evolving industry.

Smart Manufacturing Education Hub:
Advancements in technology are rapidly changing the way we manufacture, and the Smart
Manufacturing Education Hub will drill‐down on the key innovations and solutions that are
transforming the manufacturing industry. Presentations will cover important topics such as big
data, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, IIoT, machine learning, smart
sensors, and the digital twin. Highlights Include:
 Learning from Nature: The Mechanics Behind the Robotic Zoo ‐ Leading automation
companies have been creating a menagerie of bionic animals and insects; this
presentation will demonstrate how these robotic creatures help audit current trends in
R&D, test new technologies and manufacturing methods, and encourage creativity in
product development.
 Mobility: The Driving Force Behind the Growth in Collaborative Robotics ‐ This session
will look at the growth in demand for collaborative robotics, mobility’s significant role in
this growth, and whether robots will ever fully take over manufacturing jobs.