ADLINK Announces First COM Express Type 6 Module to Support Hexa-core Intel® Core™ & Xeon® Processors

New Type 6 module aimed at performance-demanding applications

Mannheim,  – ADLINK, a global provider of advanced embedded modules, introduces its latest COM Express Type 6 modules, thus widening its offerings to fulfill the needs of even the most performance-demanding applications. ADLINK’s Express-CF modules feature the Intel® Xeon® and 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors (formerly codenamed Coffee Lake H) with up to 6 cores (Hexa) and up to 48GB memory capacity, resulting in uncompromising system performance and responsiveness. All this makes the Express-CF exceptional suited for demanding applications such as image processing and analysis, 4K high speed video encoding and streaming, medical ultra sound, predictive traffic analysis and more.

Express-CF modules are equipped with the 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor family and Intel® Xeon® processor E-2100M family, and are the first Type 6 modules to support both Xeon® and Core™ i7 Hexa-core (6-core) CPUs. These Hexa-core processors support up to 12 threads and an impressive turbo boost of up to 4.4 GHz. Compared to earlier mobile quad-core Xeon® and Core™ i7 CPUs, the additional two cores of the new Hexa-core CPUs results in more than 25% performance boost at no significant cost increase.

ADLINK’s Express-CF provides standard support for up to 48GB non-ECC DDR4 in three SO-DIMMs (two on the top side, one on the bottom), while still fully complying with PICMG COM.0 mechanical specifications. Modules equipped with the Xeon® Hexa-core processor support both ECC and non-ECC SODIMMs.

With integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 630, the Express-CF supports up to three independent 4K displays via DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and LVDS. ADLINK also offers either eDP or analog VGA as build options by customer request. Additionally, the Express-CF supports Intel® Optane™ memory and NVMe SSDs through high speed PCIe x4 Gen3 interfaces, allowing applications access to the highest speed storage solutions on the market today.


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