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EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll and in4ma Founder Dieter Weiss Announce Europe On Tour 2023

Southlake, TX.-  EMSNOW and in4ma announce their third consecutive tour of EMS companies in Europe. This year’s tour is scheduled for June 2023 and will include site visits with 17+ EMS companies in seven European countries, attendance at the IPC EMS Seminar meeting in London, and attendance at the in4ma EMS-Forum in Munich.

EMSNOW and in4ma continue to champion the EMS industry, and direct meetings with EMS companies are key to this goal.  Eric Miscoll of EMSNOW and Dieter Weiss of in4ma will launch the tour on June 12 in the United Kingdom and end it on June 29th in Germany. The tour includes visits with EMS companies in the countries of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

During this ambitious undertaking, the two expect to gain valuable insight into the EMS industry, learning the latest trends in these different regions. Eric and Dieter will report daily via podcasts throughout the tour, post trip interviews and written articles on EMSNOW’s Daily Newsletter (, and share their adventure with EMSNOW’s broad newsletter audience and social media followers.  Profiles of all EMS companies visited will be made available via the EMSNOW website subsequent to the tour. 

“The best way to stay current with the EMS industry is by spending time meeting with companies directly and discussing their business, its challenges, and opportunities.  This will be our third annual tour, and I trust it will be as insightful and rewarding as the first two tours.” commented EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll.  

“This tour is more ambitious than our previous two tours because we are visiting more companies in more countries than we did the last two times, and we are also participating in two important EMS industry events where we will meet with even more EMS companies.  These tours allow in4ma to better understand and represent the industry, and I thank all the companies who are allowing us to visit them,” added Dieter Weiss of in4ma.  

EMSNOW wishes to acknowledge this year’s tour sponsors: CalcuQuote, Mycronic, and TrustedParts.  Their support allows us to conduct these tours and provide these important insights to the industry.  Please check them out.

If you wish to connect with Eric Miscoll or Dieter Weiss please email them directly at: or

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