ZESTRON Academy to Host FREE “Defluxing of Copper Pillar Bumped Flip-Chips” Webinar

Manassas, VA – ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services, and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce that it will host “Defluxing of Copper Pillar Bumped Flip-Chips” on Tuesday, April 26th, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST. This is the second installment of the ZESTRON Academy 2022 Cleaning Webinar Series and will be presented by our industry expert, Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Ch.E, Senior Application Engineer. Ravi recently presented this study at APEX 2022, where he received an honorable mention, as well as IMAPS 2022.

Webinar Abstract:

Flip-chip technology has become increasingly prevalent within the electronics industry due to its lower cost, increased package density, improved performance while maintaining or improving circuit reliability, and increased I/O density. Join ZESTRON Academy to review a recently presented study that involved using straight DI-water and novel low-concentration alkaline cleaning agent on copper pillar bumped flip-chips and the challenges of effectively cleaning flux residues from under these components. For more information or to register for this free webinar visit us online.


ZESTRON is headquartered in Manassas, Virginia and operates in more than 35 countries. With eight technical centers worldwide and the industry’s most knowledgeable team of engineers focused on high precision cleaning, ZESTRON’s commitment to ensuring that its customers surpass even the most stringent cleaning requirements is without equal.


For additional information or to tour one of our technical centers, please visit www.zestron.com

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