What’s the SCOOP – 2022 Trends with Aegis Software’s Michael Ford

Here’s what Aegis Software’s Senior Director of Emerging Industry Strategy Michael Ford sees as the key trends in 2022. In this interview we dig into those predictions a little deeper.

“With origins in 2011, Industry 4.0.2022 takes on more modern, mature responsibilities. Software-automation for Lean, flexible, defect-free manufacturing, has become established, but there are increasing responsibilities in terms of sustainable manufacturing, the security of Intellectual Property, and not least, the sanity of manufacturing executives coping with enduring turbulence within the market and supply-chain.

Smart Industry 4.0.2022: Adoption of the IPC-CFX IIoT-based, ‘plug and play’ standard further drives interoperability of shop-floor machine and factory-based software automation and Human 4.0 innovation. AI-driven automated adaptation to daily opportunities starts replacing existing planning applications. Digitalization facilitates adaptive surgical control of variation, providing visibility, control, and managed execution, optimizing on the fly, enabling companies to rapidly “hunt” in new markets, as opportunities develop. Solutions with live contextualization and proven manufacturing ontology within a single holistic MES platform will yield increasingly practical AI-based value, in contrast to initially attractive manufacturing ‘apps’, based on hidden, internal, complex and proprietary data exchange relationships, which limit ongoing value without extraordinary unanticipated investment on behalf of the customer.

Secure Industry 4.0.2022: Complex security issues surrounding the theft of design and manufacturing data lead to increasing cheap clones and counterfeits appearing quickly in the market and supply-chain. To ensure trust, secure data exchange becomes a requirement, as well as exact traceability of materials to products that limits the scope and identifies the source of counterfeit materials and products, including those potentially affected by OT-side cyber-intrusion.

Sustainable Industry 4.0.2022: Sustainable manufacturing innovation becomes essential, utilizing for example, energy management messages within CFX, allowing factories to eliminate energy waste, and benefit from time-based tariff incentives, establishing solid business reasons for ‘being green’ and ‘doing the right thing’.”

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