YAMAHA’s New YSi-SP High-speed 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Launched

Providing an integrated solution from the Printer to AOI

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA IM is proud to announces the launch of the YSi-SP, a high-speed 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) machine that enables high-speed, high-accuracy inspection based on YAMAHA’s 1-head solution concept for using a single type of head to handle multiple inspections. The YSi-SP was introduced at this years 47th Internepcon show in Tokyo Japan. It will be available starting from April 1st in Japan with its Americas release in early summer.

The YSi-SP is Yamaha’s first solder paste inspection (SPI) machine. It is used to inspect the print quality (volume, height, area, misalignment) of solder paste after it has been printed onto a PCB.

YSi-SP can accommodate various high-speed and high-accuracy solder paste inspections with a single head, including high-precision inspections. It does this by employing a Yamaha-exclusive algorithm combining 2D and 3D-based measurements, and image resolution switch-over enabled by high resolution technology.

Integration and coordination with other Yamaha production machines machines is swift and efficient, including performing automatic setup changes, automatically adjusting solder misalignment, and automatically converting adhesive inspection data from the dispenser.

While offering Statistical Process Control (SPC) to perform a wide range of statistical processing, the YSi-SP can also be equipped with various optional features, including bonding inspection and foreign matter inspection.

The launch of the YSi-SP enables YAMAHA to supply all of the primary machines required for component mounting processes under the Yamaha brand, from printers and dispensers to solder inspection machines, including surface mounters and automated optical inspection (AOI) machines. With all the machinery fully integrated, customers are able to build a production line with optimal efficiency and quality product.

To find out more, visit the Yamaha booth #2333 at APEX, or visit www.yamaha-motor-im.com.