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The world’s Smallest Footprint, Compact Inline, multifunctional SMT Stencil Printer

Introducing the Reprint MANTIS 23 SMT stencil printer.

Built around the industry standard 23 inch stencil frame, a maximum board size of up to 450mm x 450mm , Smema std FMI and with an in-line conveyor system providing fast board transfers and a cycle time of less than 10 seconds (Inc  heavy board handling built in). The new Reprint Mantis 23 becomes the smallest in-line screen printer available today and builds on the success of its larger sibling the ’Reprint Mantis’ offering best in class results with respect to footprint as well as functionality.

Its ease of use makes this printer the ideal machine for medium to high production environments requiring frequent product changeovers during the day.

Loaded with many of the same features and options as the Reprint Mantis it uses the same easy to use intuitive Reprint software built on the familiar Microsoft Windows 10 platform.

An integrated Dual-camera vision system with programmable RGB illumination allows alignment of even the most challenging board surfaces. The optional 2D Post print inspection system can be programmed for full automatic inspection of printed pads as well as inspecting stencil apertures for blockage. On detecting blocked apertures, the system can be configured to trigger an automatic stencil clean cycle. The fully integrated Wet/Dry Under stencil cleaning system provides superior cleaning results with programmable dry and wet modes with vacuum filtering assistance available as an option.

A double squeegee gantry with fully programmable, independently controlled motorized squeegees give the exact print force guaranteeing perfect printing results. Changeover of squeegees is quick and easy. A dedicated area within the printer provides storage space for all squeegees lengths and gives protection against damage when not in use.

The Mantis 23 can be used with a wide variety of stencils and stencil frame systems. An optional Multi-purpose  frame adapter allows the use of stencil frames smaller than the 23” std. Additionally, as well as the Std Support Tooling and Vacuum Tooling options,  many Third party tooling options such as VacuNest, Grid-Lok & QuikTool are also supported by the machine, with their separate tooling modules able to be fitted directly without the need for the normal ancillary peripherals that are normal required for controlling the same on other competitors printers.

Its small footprint (850mm x 1030mm) is ideal for both large and small production environments to maximize space.

For more information on the Mantis 23 please visit – www.reprintinternatonal.co.uk


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