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World Health Day Inspires Celestica’s HealthTech Team

World Health Day Inspires Celestica’s HealthTech Team

SOURCE: Celestica blog


World Health Day 2022 challenges and inspires us to consider the actions we can take to enhance the health and well-being of people everywhere, by improving the health of our planet.

At Celestica, every day brings a new opportunity to impact a product or solution that can enhance people’s lives and create a brighter future. From sustainable energy solutions to medical devices that enhance patient longevity and improve patient outcomes – we invest in our planet and its people by enabling technologies that drive positive change and better health for all the world’s citizens. This World Health Day, we asked a few members of our global team to share what motivates and inspires them to leverage their unique talents and perspectives to drive better health for all.

Kevin Walsh, Vice President, HealthTech has been with Celestica for over 22 years. He leads our HealthTech business and has been a pillar in the continued growth and success of the segment.

What motivates you and makes you proud to lead Celestica’s HealthTech team?

Throughout my career in electronics manufacturing, I’ve had many opportunities to impact the innovative solutions of leading brands – yet nothing compares to delivering technology solutions that directly impact the quality of life and health of others. Knowing the devices we design, develop and deliver drive better patient outcomes motivates me, and our entire team, to work toward a common goal, passion and purpose – bringing our best selves to work, every day.

Over the past decade we have significantly enhanced our ability to solve complex challenges in the healthcare space – evolving from a PCBA manufacturer to a trusted partner delivering full product lifecycle solutions. Our ability to manage complexity was tested at the height of the pandemic, when despite facing their own challenges and limitations, our team members brought together all of their experience, talent, energy and creativity to speed OEMs’ medical devices to the front lines of COVID-19 care.

Kevin McFarlin is Celestica’s Design Engineering Director for HealthTech. He has over 23 years’ research and development experience in the highly regulated medical device industry.

What value do design and engineering services bring to healthcare OEMs and how does that ultimately impact patients?

Healthcare professionals depend on advanced medical technologies to enhance patient care.  Celestica plays a significant role in launching new medical devices quickly and at scale – enabling our customers to meet the needs of patients worldwide. Throughout my 23-year career, I have been fortunate to observe the use of medical products in the operating room, and have seen how they benefit the well-being of patients.  It provides meaning and motivation to the work I do at Celestica.

Recently, my son was hospitalized with a life threatening condition. Many times during his stay, I observed the use of a Celestica manufactured ultrasound system and other critical-care medical devices. Ultimately, my son had a successful surgery and I’m proud that our partnerships with medical OEMs contributes to the overall well-being of patients. The world needs more access to high quality medical devices so that all patients have the opportunity to be healed. As an engineer and as a parent, I am proud to be part of a team that delivers high quality medical devices that can drive a positive outcome for patients worldwide.

Loyda Wheeler is the Global Quality Director for HealthTech at Celestica, responsible for ensuring Celestica adheres to the most stringent quality and regulatory standards. She brings more than 25 years of experience to her role.

How do we ensure we meet a medical OEM’s quality expectations when bringing innovative products to market?

Celestica prioritizes quality and continuous improvement.  We differentiate ourselves through our technical expertise, quality mindset, best practices, and hands-on approach to building quality directly into processes throughout the product lifecycle. As a result, our talented teams across certified Centers of Excellence sites have become a trusted partner for the design, development and delivery of OEMs’ high-quality products.

Working in the healthcare industry is exciting and dynamic – there are always new things to learn and new ways to make an impact by driving better solutions and exceptional levels of quality. This was recently demonstrated when our employees quickly adjusted to the changing environment and implemented new processes to deliver products and services that aided in the fight against COVID-19.

James Reif is Director of SCM Solutions for Celestica’s HealthTech segment. He joined our team in 2021, bringing 27 years of supply chain experience.

How can we integrate supply chain considerations to speed innovative healthcare products to market?

Getting a product to market quickly involves many activities and is very complex. It starts with early supply chain involvement – enabling us to align the proper sub-tier supply base. We must then build resilience into the supply chain as we learn more about what is required to get the product to the market on time. Lastly, we must practice ongoing, proactive and predictive risk management so we can make adjustments before a supply disruption occurs.

Whenever I’m in a medical setting and come across the products we build, there is a moment of pride knowing that our team helped to speed these critical medical devices to the point of care.

Daniel Bakosch is a Sales Director within our HealthTech segment. He recently joined our team, bringing a wealth of experience in driving collaborative partnerships with OEM customers.

What kind of partnerships are we forging with our healthcare customers and how have these relationships evolved over time?

I am fortunate to be working with customers who have a long-standing history with Celestica.  Many of these relationships have evolved over the years as Celestica has become much more than a manufacturing supplier. Today, we are a consultant and partner – collaborating with customers on solutions that drive greater value.

Patients and healthcare providers are counting on our customers – and on Celestica – to deliver on our commitments and we have to put forward our best efforts every day. I look forward to forging deeper customer relationships and beginning new engagements that help OEMs to enable better patient outcomes.

Lori Wahlsten is a Senior Program Manager with AbelConn, A Celestica Company. She manages our day-to-day relationships with our healthcare customers and brings over 23+ years of management experience.

As someone who regularly interacts with Celestica’s healthcare customers, have you noticed any changes in their needs and expectations?  

There are a few emerging areas of interest and awareness. First, more customers are starting to realize that collaboration with their manufacturing partner is required throughout the development phase to optimize all aspects of the build – minimizing potential issues and helping to meet important timelines.

Since the pandemic began, I have also noticed growing industry interest in developing products that digitally connect patients to healthcare professionals. OEMs are seeking to develop smaller, more portable devices, and improved wearables and home monitoring devices supported by enhanced data collection and reporting capability. The possibilities of medical devices are vast and there is so much opportunity to improve healthcare by leveraging continual advances in technology – it’s a privilege to be a part of it.

Jean-Claude LeBlanc is Celestica’s Sustainability Director, responsible for driving diverse and impactful sustainability initiatives and programs across our global organization.

What does Celestica do to protect the planet and drive a healthier future for all?

Celestica has set a meaningful science-based target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions – supporting efforts to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius. As a result, Celestica has successfully reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 70% through energy conservation, the installation and purchase of renewable energy, and the purchase of energy attribute certificates.

A healthier tomorrow is depending on companies like Celestica to do their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I’m proud that my role at Celestica provides me with an opportunity to tackle some of the most critical challenges of our time, with a focus towards creating a brighter future for generations to come.

World Health Day is an important reminder that there is still much work to be done to protect and promote the health of our planet and its people. Celestica is committed to building on our individual and company-wide contributions, continually working toward a shared vision for a better tomorrow.

Our team is proud of the important role we play in speeding healthcare solutions where they are needed most –  contributing to enhanced health and well-being for all.

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