Women in Electronics’ Jackie Mattox Interviews ECIA’s CEO David Loftus on WE Radio


Atlanta, GA – Women in Electronics President and Founder Jackie Mattox recently hosted ECIA’s CEO David Loftus on her regular podcast, WE Radio. The two discussed ECIA’s role in the industry and the role of mentors in career development. David shared his own career journey from engineering to sales and management, describing how he had to push past his comfort zone and seize the opportunities that present themselves. Women in Electronics’ mission is focused on helping women navigate careers in this industry; David offered concrete tips on how to take advantage of mentors and how to ask for help. “The thing I tell people is they have to learn how to be politely demanding,” he explained. “I think that’s the thing that most people, especially women perhaps, find difficult. Don’t assume you will be promoted on merit. You have to let your superiors know what you want. Second, you have to develop your business acumen. It helps to build your confidence. Lastly, we live in a globally connected world. Find a way to get some international experience. It not only is personally rewarding, it makes you more valuable to your current and future employers.”

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The full interview can be found at WE Radio.