WinSource empowers component distribution with digital transformation ideal

HONG KONG – As the largest online electronic components store in Asia, WinSource is relied upon for its reliability and efficiency, and its consistently competitive prices. The company’s achievements are due in part to its early commitment to digital transformation, where transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are integrated and leveraged within the company-wide workflow. The ‘intelligent enterprise’ combines the real and digital world to create mutually supportive systems and processes which enable stakeholders across operations, engineering and manufacturing to work together and interact efficiently.

Within the semiconductor industry the benefits of digital transformation have secured low-cost, high-quality product management, realized improvements in yield rate, and embedded efficient distribution, which were necessary to meet the growing demands for innovative devices from industries such automotive and aviation.

To keep pace, component distributors must embrace digitization, where the first step is to develop a smart strategy which is the road map to strong foundations for company transformation. It’s a process in which the guidance of experts is imperative. A company-wide implementation of interlocking processes requires an agnostic viewpoint. At every step along the path however, the business leaders must be involved and they must be engaged to deliver the transformation to its conclusion.

WinSource established the first stage of its transformation journey back in 2012 when WINSOURCE Online Store ( launched as the first overseas e-commerce platform in Asia. Having observed first hand all the pain points involved in the traditional procurement processes of small and medium sized electronic manufacturing enterprises, WIN SOURCE sought to surpass the existing service model of electronic component supply chain. 

As an online platform, provides a one-stop shop integrated with global supply chain data. Featuring a best-in-class search engine, not only can customers find and buy parts quickly and easily, but a suite of online tools is available to help boost customer productivity and effectively manage specific account information. The site is a single point of access for EMS, OEM and other customer groups in the electronics industry to meet and solve all their procurement needs. 

Whilst automating the customer facing functionality enables Win Source to put more energy into the technological innovation behind the scenes, the company continues to optimise the online shopping platform and supplier network based on the vast amounts of data received via the big data IT platform. 

The data informs the simultaneous development of WinSource’s internal supply chain operation system, which includes sales, procurement, warehousing logistics, marketing and other subsystems to support our global supply chain. 

The automated data path through the enterprise enhances the customer experience in one-stop BOM procurement. The ability to instantly connect available inventory with each customer’s shortage in their moment of need allows customers to quickly win ‘shortage & obsolete’ inventory. 

The agility embedded into Win Source’s processes continually works to benefit the company. On a customer service level, the systems protect customers from time-consuming, risk-filled worldwide searches in scarce(EOL) electronic components and also from brokers and less reputable supply chain partners, whilst simultaneously allowing the company to continually optimise and reduce procurement and production costs.

Win Source, with unfettered focus, has delved deeper into its transformation. The company has developed a unique end-to-end quality control system, from packaging- and cargo label inspection, to product appearance testing (Visual Inspection and nondestructive testing) as well as compliance with precise environment and humidity control and ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification. 

For Win Source, the aim is for every step of the company’s procurement and supply process is not only accurate, but as efficient as it can be.

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