White Horse Laboratories Expands Capabilities in Qinghu Facility

Hong Kong – In spite of the global pandemic, White Horse Laboratories, an electronic component testing, training, and quality management company,  has stayed on course in its investment plan for new equipment. “We’ve upgraded our X-ray system here in our Qinghu facility to higher magnification and resolution needed for Failure Analysis,” explained Mark A. Rinehart, White Horse founder. “We have added solderability testing automation and a measurement app, which improves accuracy. We’ve also begun building our electrical testing capabilities in Hong Kong by adding an Advantest ATE with which we can do very high level AC, DC, and functional testing on advanced devices such as FPGA and ICT system for both components and PCB.”

White Horse Laboratories was founded in Hong Kong in 2004 by Mark A. Rinehart, a veteran of business operations within China, as a specialized anti-counterfeit lab to take up the fight against counterfeit electronics – with extensive industry expertise, unwavering integrity and uncompromising quality. Today White Horse boasts  65 dedicated professionals who hold personal integrity and drive in highest regard, from Engineers and Technicians to Account Management and Customer Service to Training, Development, and Administration. The company is located in Asia, but covers the globe: Our Shenzhen lab facility boasts over 12,000 square feet and our Hong Kong facility is 6,000 square feet, providing inspection and packaging services, and a growing profile of electrical testing. Zhongshan is the base of our factory auditing team, in the heart of PCB manufacturing industry. Munich, Germany, offers a growing logistics solution and is the hub of our European market development team. Our offices in Suzhou, China, and Penang, Malaysia, support our East China and Southeast Asia client services and development, respectively.

For more information, visit www.whitehorselabs.com


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