Webinar: Industrial Cybersecurity: Is Your Facility Protected?

Just last year, cybercriminals attempted to poison the water supply in Florida by hacking into a city’s system. An airplane manufacturer’s confidential customer data files were breached and leaked on the Internet. A major gas pipeline was shut down by a ransomware attack. A major meat producer was forced to close down all its plants. Hackers are now targeting industrial and infrastructure.

At the same time, more and more facilities are going to connected operations to empower new efficiencies. How do we keep our facilities protected amid these growing dangers and opportunities?

This is the fourth in our series of six free executive Automate Preview webinars.
The Automate Preview Series is counting down to the Automate Show by outlining the technologies and applications that will take center stage in Detroit, June 6-9, 2022. Each free Automate Preview webinar will feature a roundtable discussion with industry leaders, followed by presentations by innovative companies on the latest use-cases, new technologies, or emerging automation trends.

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