Wearable Health And Wellness Tech: Trends, Opportunities, And Considerations For Engineers

Wearable Health And Wellness Tech: Trends, Opportunities, And Considerations For Engineers

As we navigate the many topics that involve the future of health and wellness technology, one thing is for sure: wearables are here to stay.  

When we envision tomorrow’s opportunities for development in this sector of the industry, we come across many different perspectives on what’s coming, and more importantly, on how we are getting there.

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However, we can all agree that technology is playing a crucial role in the lives of consumers, from tracking their fitness goals to providing the life-saving insights their bodies might need to hear. That crucial role is changing the way we exercise, the way we treat some diseases and body conditions, and just in general the way we live.

For these reasons, we as consumers are looking to keep this type of technology close to us. How close? Well quite literally wearing it home and wherever we go.

As these devices become more of a part of our daily lives, engineers all around the industry are looking for ways to make them better, more accurate, more reliable, and more convenient to users.

Now that’s a puzzle with many pieces to put together.

Discussing the future of wearables for health and wellness technology from a single perspective would be at the very least falling short. For that reason, we assembled a panel of experts from different areas of the industry, who gathered and shared their experiences, expertise, and insight into the many parts that make these futuristic devices a reality.

On the Wireless side, we had Bill Munger; as our Analog/Power specialist, we received Isaac Dost; for all things Sensors, we were joined by Bruce Muff; and as mediator for the panel, we were honored to have Lazina Rahman, host of the Techventures series on YouTube.

The discussion was prompted by questions that were approached from each one’s own area of expertise, at times prompting new questions and displaying how the areas entangle and interact.

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