ViTrox Announces Its Smart Technology Day Event in ShenZhen, China

PENANG MALAYSIA  – ViTrox Technologies is making its way to exhibit products at Four Seasons Hotel, Shenzhen, China on 29th and 30th August 2018. With the title of Smart Technology Day, ViTrox aims to acquaint products to the potential and existing customers and broaden their knowledge on the latest vision solutions throughout this two-day event.

There will be a few highlighted products to be displayed. An award-winning and best-selling product, V510i Optimus 3D AOI is one of them. Now enhanced with 12 megapixels camera with high inspection quality and resolution, V510i Optimus 3D AOI has increased its inspection speed to 60cm²/sec and the resolution to 15ɥm. It uses 2D + 3D Inspection to achieve high productivity and detectability concurrently. It is available with Flexible Dual Lane configurations and XXL model to cater for larger boards inspection too.

Another product to be showcased is V310i 3D SPI. As V310i 3D SPI could inspect PCB boards up to 510mm x 505mm, it is able to detect solder paste related defects in high-speed mode accurately. Moreover, Programmable Spatial Light Modulation (PSLM) of V310i 3D SPI eliminates the mechanical operation and moving parts, which in result turned themselves one of the outstanding products on the market by possessing high reliability and lower maintenance costs as well. In order to dwindle the shadow effect and noise interference during 3D measurement, the patented D-Lighting is available to achieve full light spectrum detectability.

While there is a high demand for safer inspection and quality-ensured results, V9i, a newly launched product will be displayed as well. Cobot, with the idea of collaboration between human and the robot, focuses on the safety inspection feature by its conformal coating inspection and the smart programming function to reduce the harmful coating environment on human skin. Users are allowed to mount the robot flexibly based on customers’ needs. As V9i supplies wide coverage of inspection without restrictions, it would also achieve the quality inspection results effectively.

Other than that, ViTrox is excited to showcase the latest Industrial 4.0 solution, V-ONE too. V-ONE offers data-driven decisions by allowing stakeholders to visualize, monitor, control and implement condition-based alerts remotely to reduce downtime and improve manufacturing throughput. With its current mobile app version, V-ONE has greatly enhanced with the new e-ticketing feature that allows technicians or operators to manage assigned work orders and maintenance services conveniently. Through smart devices, users are able to gain easy access to the V-ONE platform anywhere and anytime.

In order to assist the attendees during the technology days, several field experts will be available to explain and demonstrate the use of product thoroughly. For those who are interested to visit the Smart Technology Day, they are encouraged to register themselves at ViTrox’s Smart Technology Day Registration Form before 27th August 2018.

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