Vishay MOSFET Drivers Available at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, is now stocking the VOM1271 family of Opto MOSFET Drivers from Vishay. These robust surface mount devices are designed for solid-state relays, power suppliers, data acquisition and solenoid relay applications.

Vishay Intertechnology introduces the VOM1271 stand-alone Optically Isolated MOSFET Driver. Unlike conventional MOSFET drivers, which require an external power supply to provide VCC and/or VDD rails to the driver itself, the VOM1271 obtains all the required current to drive its internal circuitry from the LED current on the low voltage primary side of the isolation barrier. This saves the designer the space and cost associated with providing one or more external power supplies. The VOM1271 also integrates a turn-off circuit internal to the component itself, thus doing away with the need for additional components in order to increase the overall switching speed by decreasing the turn-off time. These features, combined with a small SOP4 package, provide designers with a small-footprint, highly integrated isolated gate driver solution for a large variety of applications.

To learn more, visit Vishay VOM1271 from TTI, Inc.

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