VEXOS Launches Mexico Facility, Part of Global Growth Strategy – CEO Paul Jona on EMS@C-Level

Uncover the strategic moves in building a global manufacturing footprint with Paul Jona, President and CEO of VEXOS in our latest episode, as we delve into their newest addition: a 40,000 square foot factory in Juarez, Mexico. Learn how this move is a response to the shifting sands of geopolitics, global trade and what it signals for the future of manufacturing in the Americas. We take you behind the scenes of VEXOS’ meticulous approach to replicating the success and performance of their Markham factory, from the ground up in Juarez, and how they’re ensuring the same high-quality training and integration.

As our conversation with Paul unfolds, we navigate the broader implications of regional growth and pinpoint what fuels operational excellence in today’s competitive landscape. From spotlighting VEXOS’ strategic moves to discussing the art of keeping a workforce engaged and driven during times of disruption and expansion, this episode is a masterclass in corporate agility. We also explore the potential for further growth through strategic acquisitions and wrap up with a reflection on the clear and tangible benefits of regional production – a move that promises not just to meet customer demands but to significantly improve sustainability through shorter supply chains. Join us for an episode that offers an invaluable playbook for scaling operations with precision and vision. 

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