Variscite Subverts Component Crises with Launch of Additional Production Line 

New internal production line improves production capacity and flexibility to help maintain rapid delivery times

TEL AVIV, Israel – Variscite, a leading System-on-Module designer and manufacturer, launched a new production line which increased in-house manufacturing capabilities at its production and warehouse facilities to help bypass the component crisis due to the impact of COVID and supply chain challenges.  The company last placed a new line into production a year ago, making this the second production increase during the pandemic. The new internal production line is now online and ensures delivery times as fast as four working days. 

Variscite experts have developed end-to-end solutions that deliver core technology capabilities across a unique range of industries, including medical, agriculture, automotive, control systems and multimedia. The company’s in-house production facilities are equipped with the most-advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines, ensuring high-quality Modules and a wide range of configuration choices for every SoM. In having established in-house production, Variscite retains better control of lead times during both normal operations and during challenging time periods, such as the current worldwide component supply crisis. 

Included among the measures Variscite adopted to ensure stable and short deliveries to its clients are:

  • Early booking of components from the related material supplies and building in-house raw material buffers  
  • Certifying alternate source for problematic components with long lead times and low availability 
  • Optimizing production batches to build and supply products to its customers as soon as raw material is available 
  • Leveraging platinum-level relationships with NXP and other long-term partners to ensure priority supply replenishments and secure stock.

“Thanks to Variscite’s rapid business decisions and full control over production, we were able to optimize our production capacity and optimize lead times during the entirety of the COVID pandemic that was followed by the worldwide semiconductors crisis,” said Ofer Austerlitz, VP Business Development and Sales of Variscite. “It required us to make adjustments and increase our agility but we did not stop our manufacturing at any point. The decision to bring additional production lines was part of the measures we adopted already in 2020 to ensure that manufacturing remains uninterrupted, allowing us to increase our production output while others face setbacks and delays”.

All Variscite production is performed at fully ISO 13485, 9001 and 14001 compliant facilities, satisfying international customer and regulatory requirements for a broad range of industries, including medical devices and related services. Fully integrated systems provide the critical components required to optimize product design, development and manufacturing.  Additional information about how Variscite’s in-house capabilities are bypassing the current component crisis is available at


Variscite is a worldwide leading System on Module provider, setting the bar for embedded solutions since 2003 with high-quality modules. The company provides the vastest ARM-based SoM portfolio in the embedded market with a wide range of configuration options that covers an entire embedded products and applications range; from entry-level to high-performance solutions. Variscite’s in-house production fully complies with the strict medical ISO13485 and ISO9001 standards. Along with the company’s ongoing online documentation and personal support as well as the generous longevity, the company’s customers are enjoying consistent, reliable products and services starting from the earliest development stages throughout the end product life-cycle.

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