Variosystems EMS Issues Update on COVID-19 Impact

This report is current as of May 15, 2020; the company cautions that the situation may change daily:

Steinach, Switzerland:

  • Our production is running in normal operation again from May 25th.
  • All safety measures are strictly observed and controlled during operation.
  • Various employees continue to work from home.

Badalgama, Sri Lanka:

  • Despite difficult circumstances, 90% of our workforce is working in the factory or from home.
  • Our backlog should be made up over the next 4-6 weeks.
  • The biggest challenge is logistics and the procurement of materials.

Southlake, USA:

  • Company is working at full capacity.
  • Wherever possible, work is done from home.
  • The production runs in a 2-shift operation.

Suzhou, China:

  • Production is running at full capacity.
  • The day shift in production has been extended.
  • The backlog is made up.

Ludbreg, Croatia:

  • Production is in operation until further notice.

Supply chain:

  • Securing the supply chain is still the biggest challenge for all locations.
  • Material bottlenecks due to lock-down of component production.
  • Air traffic is still severely restricted.
  • Deliveries from and to China are delayed up to two weeks.
  • We are working intensively to find the best possible logistics solutions.
  • The current situation has increased all transport costs significantly. All customers have already been informed about that.
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