U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo Calls on Students from Every Level of Education to Consider Careers in the Semiconductor Industry

On July 25, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo joined a virtual discussion with Handshake, the largest Gen Z jobs platform, and called on students of every level of education to pursue careers in the semiconductor manufacturing and related industries. Because of the need for chips and the current labor shortage in this critical industry, the Biden Administration remains committed to revitalizing the domestic semiconductor industry and bringing supply chains back to the U.S.

“I want this generation to make things in America stronger, especially in the semiconductor industry,” she said. “Good-paying jobs are being created at every level of education in this industry and we need to rebuild that talent pool. Early talent is the future of this industry and at the forefront of emerging technologies, including AI and quantum computing. “During the discussion, Secretary Raimondo called on colleges and universities to triple the number of graduates in semiconductor-related fields, including engineering. Today’s industry estimates show there will a shortage of 300,000 engineers and 90,000 technical workers by 2030.

In addition to colleges and universities, Secretary Raimondo called on semiconductor companies to work with high schools and community colleges to train 100,000 new technicians over the next decade through apprenticeships, career and technical education, and career pathway programs. She also stressed the Biden Administration’s commitment to a diverse workforce, including people with disabilities, people of color, and women. Because the semiconductor industry is largely male-dominated, the Department of Commerce has created the Million Women in Construction Initiative to create access to good construction jobs for one million women over the next decade.

“To fuel the next generation of American innovation and manufacturing, we’re looking for talent from all corners of the country to include young people of all backgrounds, “ said Raimondo.

Watch the full event at https://youtu.be/wxz6yVJT_SI.

The Department of Commerce is overseeing $50 billion to revitalize the U.S. semiconductor industry, including $39 billion in semiconductor incentives.

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