TTI Presents TE Connectivity’s White Paper “Controlling Humidity in Commercial and Residential Environments”

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, presents TE Connectivity’s white paper, “Controlling Humidity in Commercial and Residential Environments” via the Sensor Supplier Resource page.

Accurate humidity measurements are vital in preventing degradation and damage to commonly used products such as wood, metals, food, pharmaceuticals, fuels, paper products and electronic components as well as maintaining the health and productivity of employees. Accurate humidity control is important for a variety of reasons and there are issues that can occur both with too little as well as too much humidity. Today’s HVAC systems utilize a variety of equipment and techniques to monitor and control temperature and humidity as well as to monitor indoor air quality and much more.

Check out the TE HVAC Sensors Whitepaper to learn how sensors play a role in humidity sensing in HVAC systems.

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