TTI Posts Weekly Update on MarketEye

From TTI’s MarketEye Weekly Report From Walter Custer

Flash April PMI Leading Indicators

IHS Markit has just released its April “Flash’ Purchasing Managers Indices for select counties (Chart 1).

  • U.S. PMI was unchanged at 52.4, still well into manufacturing expansion territory (Chart 2).
  • Eurozone stopped it plunge from its December 2017 peak but still remains well in contraction (Chart 3).
  • Germany registered an April PMI of 44.5 (contraction) per Chart 4 and France slid back to below 50 (Chart 5).
  • Japan’s PMI rose slightly to 49.5 (Chart 6).

5G Handset Shipments to grow from 37 million in 2019 to 525 million in 2023 (Chart 7).

As the first commercial deployments of 5G start to appear, the stage is set for consumers finally to find out what the powerful next-generation mobile standard promises can bring: an ambitious and far-reaching technological advance that transforms virtually all aspects of human activity—how we experience life, conduct business, create goods, and build societies. In its latest complimentary white paper, “The Promise and Potential of 5G,” IHS Markit explores the opportunities and challenges surrounding the upcoming global rollout of new 5G wireless networks.

“This next phase of implementation and rollout will trigger a race among mobile network operators to meet and take advantage of these performance enhancements

Without question, 5G is helping set the stage for incredible change, but it remains a confusing landscape, with varied and sometimes conflicting interpretations of what 5G is and what to expect from it. This confusion is impacting not just consumers but also complicating the industry’s ability to measure itself against a standard set of 5G expectations and requirements.

To optimize short-term and long-term 5G adoption, it is imperative that clarity regarding what 5G is and when each capability will be available is established for both consumers and the ecosystem. To that end, IHS Markit follows the official 3GPP definition of 5G but also believes that this description needs to be understood within the context of everyday experience and concepts.