TTI Posts Global Update for Week of Dec. 5

Global Electronic Supply Chain – Still Growing but at Slower Pace

Growth by Sector

  • 3Q’18 vs. 3Q’17 growth by sector of global electronic supply chain is given in Chart 1.  Electronic equipment growth declined from 11.1% in Q2 to 6.6% in Q3 when compared to the same quarters a year earlier.
  • Chart 1 is based on the consolidated financial results for multiple companies in each sector producing similar goods.  All values were converted to U.S. dollars at third quarter exchange rates for consolidation.
  • Quarterly electronic equipment sales by type are given in Chart 2.
  • Chart 3 shows annualized (12/12) and 3-month (3/12) electronic equipment growth rates.  Electronic equipment growth is slowing but is still positive.

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