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Transition Automation Introduces First Bonded Blade Double-Edged Assembly for YAMAHA Single-Squeegee Printers

In an industry first, Transition Automation has introduced a precision Permalex® Edge metal squeegee assembly designed to improve the printing performance of single-squeegee YAMAHA printers. The new squeegee assembly design eliminates fasteners altogether, constituting a major improvement over first generation Permalex assemblies for YAMAHA.

The first-generation assemblies included a row of custom fasteners that would hold the squeegee and clamp bar to the main structure of the squeegee assembly. The new design includes a proprietary adhesive and uniquely formed mating surfaces that maximize bond and surface area between the blade and holder, eliminating the need for fasteners. The result is a flush, flat, and feature-free surface for the solder paste to roll and print along the stencil. The assembly is also easy to clean and maintain during non-production pauses.

The new assemblies are assigned part number PLX-YAM-DBL-C-XX-PR, and are available 10 days A.R.O. These assemblies may be purchased in lengths from 219mm to 500mm.

Transition Automation will have the new assemblies on display at IPC/APEX 2018 from February 27 to March 1, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center, in Booth #3603.