Transforming the Landscape of European PCB Production with Dieter Weiss, Dirk Stans & Michael Müller

In this panel, filmed on location at Productronica 2023, we discuss the current state of the European printed circuit board (PCB) industry. Joined by our insightful guests Dieter Weiss of in4ma, Dirk Stans of Eurocircuits and Michael Müller of Polytron-Print, we probe the alarming statistics that show Europe’s share of the global PCB manufacturing at a mere 2.2%, down from over 20% two decades ago. Hear the panel’s call to action for Europe to reduce its dependency on far-eastern manufacturing and forge a sustainable ecosystem within its borders. The panel outlines the pivotal role of supply chains, government-supported institutions, and why sourcing PCBs from European suppliers could be the game-changer the industry needs. With the guidance of our expert guests, we cut through the noise to underscore the urgent need for a unified voice in the industry, challenging the status quo, advocating for collaboration among different industry associations, all for an impact on government decisions and initiatives. We turn the spotlight on the importance of a joint database for components and the political courage required to bring this to fruition. This panel is a rallying cry for all associations to seize the reins and drive towards a brighter future for the electronics industry in Europe.

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